The Sawyer Place Company: Celebrating the East End’s past and helping to shape its future.

The Sawyer Place Company, owner and operator of Cincinnati Barge and Rail Terminals, LLC, and Fulton Railroad, is rooted in founder George Stewart’s keen ability to recognize hidden potential – to take something and improve it. Today, siblings Jeff, Ed and Merrie carry on their father’s commitment, with a focus on the company’s historic heritage in the East End neighborhood.

Respecting the legacy of their significant East End property, the Stewart family strategically – and patiently – looks for meaningful development opportunities, not a quick turn. In the meantime, they generously share their land for worthy causes and beautification efforts.


On October 22, 1929, a crowd gathered around an Obelisk in Eden Park as President Herbert Hoover commemorated the completion of the system of locks and dams on the Ohio River to control the river in nine-foot pools for commercial navigation.

The Obelisk is an enduring symbol to the Stewarts who continue commercial activities on the riverfront. It is located immediately above the site owned by The Sawyer Place Company and operated by Fulton Railroad and Cincinnati Barge and Rail Terminals.


Riverfront Parks

Parks along the Ohio River are a crown jewel of Cincinnati, enhanced by the contribution of George Stewart and The Sawyer Place Company.

East End Projects

The Sawyer Place Company takes a personal interest in their East End neighborhood by serving on community committees, taking steps to improve the area and be an engaged corporate citizen.


A longstanding advocate of the river and surrounding neighborhood, The Sawyer Place Company takes seriously its responsibility to preserve the natural habitat for future generations.

“The Stewarts have always looked first to the neighborhood when hiring. That has been a catalyst for other businesses to do the same.”
- Patrick S. Ormond, President East End Council
“They are good business people who care about the neighborhood, work to fit in and do the right thing. They’re good corporate neighbors.”
- Doug Johnson. President The Johnson Electric Supply Company
“As supporters of the Tusculum Street Fest the Stewarts help fund the Riverview East Academy’s food pantry as well as neighborhood beautification efforts.”
- Matt Ackermann, Principal Ackermann CPA
“The Stewart family has been a part of the EE community for three generations.”
- Nick Motz, Owner Motz Real Estate